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Tire 5.00-15

Size 5.00-15 tire, without tube. The price listed is for 1 tire. Good choice for following types of Japanese compact tractors: Iseki TL2300, Kubota L1-28, Shibaura D23, Shibaura P21, Yanmar YM2610, Yanmar YM2620, Yanmar YM2820. Can also be used on Hinomoto E2302, Mitsubishi MT2001, Mitsubishi ST2020, Yanmar F235, Yanmar YM2000, Yanmar YM2001, Yanmar YM2002, Yanmar YM2010, Yanmar YM2020, Yanmar YM2202, Yanmar YM2210, Yanmar YM2220, Yanmar YM2301, Yanmar YM2310, Yanmar YM2402, Yanmar YM2420 models instead of the original 4-15 tires without any trouble.
Price: 50,79 EUR (39,99 EUR + VAT)

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